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Anita diamond is one of the leading diamond manufacturing companies. Our services include big certified diamonds to parcels of loose diamonds.

We specialise in all sizes of round and fancy diamonds ranging from 0.003 - 50.

We thrive to provide the best possible customer service; therefore we have a Global Market reach. We want our clients to lead the market with the help of our stock & exceptional services.

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Headquartered in Antwerp; with several offices around the globe, we are one of the most trusted loose diamond traders in Belgium. Our success story has three ingredients, growing and flourishing together, the value of our customers, and providing timely services but not at the cost of excellence.

Being an authentic diamond dealer, we exclusively provide VIP and Diplomatic Services. Our ultimate focus remains on building the rapport first and providing exceptional services, second. With timely discounts and exclusive diamond offers, we are deemed to be the most customer-oriented diamond dealers of Antwerp.

Discover our exclusive services for diplomats, diplomatic employees, and staff members to benefit from preferential pricing, and a dedicated team to assist every step of the way.

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